EventSheep – is a modern and pragmatic event management service for you and your business.

Who are we?

We're a tech company passionate about event management. Some people from our core team had their own events, some helped to organize big and small events, and definitely everyone took part in various conferences, festivals, meetups, etc. We're united by the idea of delivering simple, efficient and attendee-friendly events.

A tool to fix all that

We know how difficult it is to organize and manage big events. We made a software that helps to create and spread information about an event. That's why we bring our features:

  • Easy to use dashboard to create schedule and all the data as a single source of truth
  • Always synced data for all attendees
  • Automated invitation/registration process
  • Social and networking tools
  • Collaborative tools for planning with private news feed for teammates
  • Engage attendees before, during and after an event
  • Private space to publish videos, slides and materials

And many, many more… Contact us to find out the details!

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