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This is a typography guide. It will explain to you what are the options to format texts within the service.

Simple text

Usually info sections, speakers, schedule items demand a short description. The simplest and quickest way to achieve it - just to write it. EventSheep will automatically detect links within the text for you.


When you need something more than a short description you can use a markdown feature.

Markdown is a simple way to format text that looks great on any device. It doesn't do anything fancy like change the font size, color, or type — just the essentials, using keyboard symbols you already know.

Markdown features:

  • emphasize with bold or cursive
  • heading with levels from 1 to 6
  • links
  • images
  • quotes
  • ordered and unordered lists
  • horizontal rule
  • inline code
60 second markdown tutorial

Markdown Reference 2.png

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